UNTITLED’ is the new album in collaboration with up and coming Hip-Hop producer 2-03.


It's a departure from Hakim's 70s-influenced material and a return to the rap style which characterised the early material by Ashley and Jackson.


However, the sound is darker, harder and the lyrical content unstinting and angry. It reflects a period in time in which Paul's greatest period of personal turmoil took place - at the same time as the resurgence of an angrier, darker sound in Hip-Hop, shortly before the rise of the Gangsta genre, epitomised by music of The Wu Tang Clan.


It's called 'Untitled' as a. commentary on the thousands of small psychodramas which happen unnoticed daily within inner-city culture; and as a reference to the thousands of unknown victims of crime and despair, whose stories go untold. A lot of the material is darkly autobiographical, and the recent death of Paul's father has no doubt also been reflected in the overall tone of the album. 


The West Coast rapper Brad 'Scarface' Johnson, whose 1983 album 'The World Is Yours' is widely acknowledged as one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time, has been a major influence on the lyrical style and social commentary in the album.


This video is for the last track on the. album: 'End It.'