'20 GOLDEN GREATS' limited edition vinyl


'20 GOLDEN GREATS' is the title of the next album by Hakim Jamal/Paul Ashley, due out in late 21/early 22.


This release is a limited edition of 150 double vinyl LPs, mastered at the famous Abbey Road studios. It comes inside a gatefold sleeve and is only available to purchase from this site.

Like Radiohead's 'In Rainbows,' fans are invited to pay what they feels is a realistic price for an album covering a near-40-year career in music making  which contains material from each era of Paul's work. 

At this stage, you can pre-order using the 'Donate' Paypal link above.

So what's it about and why the title? 


Although many of these songs have never been 'golden' in terms of sales, critics would agree that these songs can be considered up there with the 'greats' of modern music. And why not celebrate the career of a guy who has managed to last so long, against the odds, and having been through several record deals?

What's in it?

There are two re-recordings of songs made with Mark Brydon of Moloko for the FON label in 1986, which became demos for CBS shortly after Paul embarked on a solo career.

There are three songs which sample and rework Ashley and Jackson tracks from the 1990s, featuring musicians such as Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio, Gerard Presencer of The Rolling Stones and singer Denise Johnson of Primal Scream.

There are two songs recorded with various members of The Stereo MCs and World Of Twist in the early 00's. 

The rest of the material comprises the best of Hakim's 4 albums to date, including 'AlphabetCity' and 'Fly As The Next Guy', plus Paul's tribute to Denise Johnson following her death: 'Song For A Black Woman.'

There are also three completely new songs, very much in the 'classic' Hakim style, inspired by 70's and 80's funk. See labels for the complete track listing.

All in all a must-have for anyone with an appreciation of the best in black music. It's currently in production - all songs have been either completely rerecorded or remixed - and hopefully due out in the Autumn.