'LA NIGHT' is the title of the new studio album by Hakim Jamal/Paul Ashley, due out March 22.


It's an album with an interesting background. Japanese jazz musicians began listening closely to the likes of Kenny G, Weather Report, Rufus and other American artists in the 1970s and decided they could do as well, if not better.

The result was an explosion of music, initially overlooked in favor of its more illustrious US counterpart, but in recent years rediscovered and championed by the likes of DJ Gilles Peterson.

The album deliberately attempts the sumptuous, compressed sound of the 1980s, when synthesizers and drum machines were just beginning to be introduced into the world of soul and jazz, and producers such as Jam and Lewis were cutting their teeth.

Reviewers have called it: "beautifully produced and faithful to that sound. Some great stuff on his album that will undoubtedly reach a pretty wide demographic as that sound is enjoying a renaissance. An album with a lot of crossover potential." 

Featured here is the video for 'Orange Soda.'