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Face Of The Moon

Updated: Mar 8

Additional track in consideration for 'The Mint Hotel.'

‘The case of Lisl Auman’ writes Thompson, ‘is so rotten and wrong and shameful that I feel dirty just for knowing about it, and so should you. The Colorado Supreme Court is preparing to hand down its fateful decision which should scare the living shit out of your whole family if the judges decide to keep this young woman in a filthy state prison for the rest of her life, when each one of them has to know—in their hearts and their minds—that she is innocent.’

She wrote to him from prison: ‘I am now a hostage at the Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility in Cañon City (Thompson calls it a “Face of the Moon town”). I feel somewhat “connected” to you in the surreality of the lives, however different, we lead. Yes, my life is surreal in a nightmarish sort of way.’

Thompson concluded: ‘I have come to hate this case more than any story I’ve ever worked on. This one is no longer about points of law or precedent, but entirely about the difference between Right and Wrong in America. The time has come to stand up and be counted, to declare which side you are on today and forever, especially all those who believe in heaven and hell.’

The female vocal sample is chosen to illustrate this idea.

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