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Head Culture

This is the fifth of a series of 14 short posts which illustrate the tracks from the forthcoming album The Mint Hotel. The songs on the album are inspired by the 'Beat' generation of writers, artists and revolutionaries working from the 1950s to the early 1970s, providing an alternative view of the 'wholesome' American society advertisers and politicians wanted you to see. Each post features a piece of artwork related to the song, created using Artificial Intelligence software; and also an explanation of the inspiration for that song.

‘Heads’ could be described as middle-class, post Haight-Ashbury Hippie wannabes - politically naive dropouts who professed to be against the war in Vietnam but couldn’t even get it together to go out and vote.

Hunter S Thompson promotes the campaign of one of them, Joe Edwards for Mayor of Aspen, Colorado: “Why not run an honest freak and turn him loose to show up all the ‘normal’ candidates for the worthless losers they are?” Of course, later in life, most of these people would ‘grow up’ and become upstanding conservatives like their parents.

Instrumental track with funky saxophone solo.

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