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'In My Mind' Promo

This is the promo video for album number 3, due out in Spring 2021.

The album is unlike anything we have produced before. It references the work of Isaac Hayes, whose epic soul symphonies often extended beyond 10 minutes per track. Consequently, this album has only 4 tracks: Impulsive, Immanent, Illuminate and Interplanetary. Each is between 12 and 15 minutes long.

Why do this? Why commit such apparent commercial suicide, given that audiences are increasingly unable to listen to anything over 2 minutes and record companies, internet streaming services and radio stations are only too happy to pander to this? You don't get any additional royalties because you've made the song longer!

The answer really lies in a change of heart I've had following 'The Soul Of', which I went all-out to try and make a commercial success. This album is darker, blacker, weirder, more psychedelic, more chilled out - and cares less about how long your attention span can stretch. As a result it's the freest, most interesting thing I've done.

Each song takes a central melody and cycles it with variation until by the end it becomes a different shape. The instrumentation is different - greater use of drum machines, sound samples and synthetic elements; and also some unusual choices for solo instruments, e.g the harp and flute. A greater use of female vocalists.

Why this theme and this choice of songs? Well, again drawing from the experience of black musicians in the 70s, the fascination with inner as well as outer space manifests itself in songs about astrology, superstition, the occult, paranoia. Altogether a different vibe than if you were expecting simply the now-familiar funky jams or cool, jazzy pieces. It's my 'In A Silent Way', my 'Hot Buttered Soul', my 'Black Gold Of The Sun.'

Enjoy it ideally in the bath with a spliff, like the drug dealer in 'Withnail And I.' And don't forget the Saveloy. (Look it up!)


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