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Nixon's Priest

This is the ninth of a series of 14 short posts which illustrate the tracks from the forthcoming album The Mint Hotel. The songs on the album are inspired by the 'Beat' generation of writers, artists and revolutionaries working from the 1950s to the early 1970s, providing an alternative view of the 'wholesome' American society advertisers and politicians wanted you to see. Each post features a piece of artwork related to the song, created using Artificial Intelligence software; and also an explanation of the inspiration for that song.

Hunter S. Thompson writes: "Father John McLaughlin revelled in his role as ’Nixon’s Priest’ (see A Stroke Of Cheap Genius) for about a month, but his start faded fast when it was discovered he was pulling down $25,000 a year and living in a luxury apartment at The Watergate. His superiors in the church were horrified… the Good Jesuit Father was planning to marry his girlfriend. McLaughlin disappeared very quickly and nothing has been heard of him since.”

Instrumental track with moody saxophone solo.

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