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The Soul Of Hakim Jamal

Dear friends,

thanks for following us. We really appreciate your support. We just wanted to let you know about our new album, out in the new year, and to give you a little more information because you're special to us. The album has 14 tracks, including acouple of instrumentals and one live recording. The style of the album has changed a little - more influenced by the 70's West Coast jazz-funk which Hakim really enjoys. The 'theme' has kinda changed too - it's less overtly political and more about people and relationships of all kinds. The sound is tigher, more melodic and funkier. The album artwork is a shot of Paul, influenced by the cover of Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul.

All in all we're really pleased with it so far. Just need to record the vocals and mix it over the next month or so. We really hope you'll like it and we'll let you know if we plan to put out any tracks in advance.

Track listing:

Me, You And Bobby Peru

Feline (live)

Song For A Black Woman

For Your Information

Solar System

From The Hip To The Lip

Reverent Jones

It Is What It Is

Move Along

Still Bumpin'

Are You Feelin' Lucky?

Midnight Earl

Fly As The Next Guy

Love Is Too Hard To Find

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