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The Wonder of Wonder

Taking a break from piano rehearsals, I'm reflecting on my decision to do it the hard way and learn as many Steve Wonder songs as I can. Interesting that I should gravitate to two blind guys (also Ray Charles) when approaching playing an instrument. Slowly I feel like I am understanding how he thinks when he composes a song. Stevie is unique because his technique could only have been arrived at because of his physical 'limitations' (which are not in fact limitations at all.) He 'feels' musical changes, which means that he inverts chords within a narrow physical range to change them rather than moving too far geographically up and down the piano. I've also noticed that he hardly uses his thumbs at all - something which is pretty near impossible for a pianist to do.

Why am I wasting your time with this (if you've read this far)? Because I just want to acknowledge the sheer joy that his music brings to me. Take 5 minutes to listen to this song, the one I'm doing right now, and I defy you not to agree. God love this man.

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