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Update on '20 Golden Greats"

Dear friends,

just wanted to give you an update on the progress of the album '20 Golden Greats' through the production process.

I heard today that the pressing plant are so behind with orders that it may be as late as the middle of next year before I am able to ship to you.

However, I can tell you that a new album 'When You Are What You Are' is almost complete and due out in January as a digital release on the usual outlets. You might have seen a post in which I revealed it's straight in at No1 in the Jazz World chart.

If you have preordered '20GG' and would like to msg me your email addresses I will send you a free download link to this album. It's actually the best thing I've done to date IMHO and I hope you will agree.

I do also have around a half dozen 'white label' test pressings of '20 Golden Greats' which I'd be very happy to send out to anyone who'd like one. They may one day be collector's items 🤣.

So please just contact me if you'd like some new music. #hakimjamalmusic

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