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When You Are What You Are

Here are the first images of the cover and back cover of the next studio album, entitled 'When You Are What You Are.' Hakim is pictured here in the centre with a copy of his book 'From The Dead Level'. This was originally a B/W photo which I have colourised and put into an old-school slide frame. I used to love projecting these on the wall as a kid.

The album will be released simultaneously with the vinyl release of '20 Golden Greats' in the Spring, and it's a return to the style of 'Not Too Busy To Hate' - firmly rooted in the 'Black consciousness' music of the 70s. The title is a Gil Scott-Heron track which should give you an idea of where I'm coming from. Anyone who pledges to buy the vinyl greatest hits will be entitled to a free download of this album. Check out the link.

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